The Chatbot Solution That Helped Cuckoo to Successfully Penetrate the Ma-laysian Market

As it expanded rapidly into a foreign market, South Korean home and kitchen specialist responded to the localised demand from its growing customer base with a powerful AI chatbot solution


Cuckoo entered the domestic market in 2014 and before long, established a presence as a pre-ferred manufacturer of quality home appliances. Their 100% human live chat soon became unfea-sible for the growing volume of customer service requests as the Cuckoo brand gained popularity. This resulted in slower response times and more pressure on Cuckoo’s human resources. Live chat agents had to deal with repeated questions and mundane tasks that could easily be auto-mated such as checking outstanding balance and appointment status.


Enter ‘Hyped Mind Studio Enterprise’, an AI-powered chatbot that uses Natural Language Pro-cessing capabilities to adopt the hyper localised language of the Malaysian market, which is often a blend of English and Bahasa plus local slang terms. The chatbot’s unique feature is in its special-isation of Malaysian linguistic eccentricities, which gives Cuckoo a leg up, being a foreign player that needs to assimilate with the local culture. The solution is capable of transactional conversation flow and question resolution, while also being programmed to perform handover to a human agent whenever necessary, as in the case of more complex cases.


‘Hyped Mind Studio Enterprise’ was key to the increase in productivity and more efficient use of human resources for Cuckoo’s Malaysian operations. Waiting time was reduced to less than 3 sec-onds for every customer service request received, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. The solution is agile enough to add more questions/inquiries and automate replies, enabling Cuckoo to continuously optimise their customer care system in line with an innovative streak and their brand promise to go far beyond standards.

Project Leader
Brett Curran
Docker Containers, NodeJS, MongoDB
Period of Time
18 Jan, 2020 - On-going
App, PlayStore
Cuckoo+ Mobile App