How Malaysia’s Largest Life Insurance Company Increased Conversion Rates by 100%

Hong Leong Assurance agents leverage data and a full suite of mobile eCRM capabilities to strike at the heart of customer personalisation and engagement.


As Malaysia’s largest local life insurance provider, Hong Leong Assurance’s (HLA) extensive network of sales agents serve an even greater number of customers and leads at various conversion stages. The process of capturing and converting leads is a daunting task and the chances of conversion are slim without sufficient and personalised leads engagement. HLA agents can be managing hundreds if not thousands of leads at any time. With sales-oriented professions becoming increasingly targeted and personal, insurance agents require a systematic way to organise, track and move leads through the conversion funnel.


Those at the forefront of sales-oriented professions are deploying sophisticated digital smart solutions to automate the sales process for better results while providing insights and recommendations on individual leads.

The HLA eCRM app is a mobile eCRM solution that was designed to help HLA agents capture, profile, engage and ultimately convert leads. In a user-friendly interface, the app allows agents and teams to manage leads with integrated functionalities such as engagement reminders, leads prioritisation and assignment, forecast generation, tracking dashboard, past engagement history, etc.

More than just a leads management tool, HLA eCRM is in-built with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities that deliver actionable insights into 360° customer profiles, matching leads with the right products to help agents create highly relevant marketing.


More than 3,000 HLA agents have installed the app since its roll-out in 2019 and conversion rates have improved by a whopping 100% through HLA eCRM. Agents can now access insights into each lead, tailor their sales approach accordingly, and stay on top of opportunities within their database. Prior to the adoption of the eCRM solution, agents were managing leads manually. The app has helped to unlock the buried potential of every single lead as well as the ability of agents to deliver more effective customer management and insurance advisory, enabling HLA to retain its market lead amidst a competitive and fast-changing sales landscape.

Project Lead
Nyiam Gan Yew
Native iOS and Android, J2EE
Period of Time
01 Jul, 2017 - On-going