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  • End-to-end solutions for Customers, Agents and Channels
  • Cloud and CAAS ready solutions
  • Compliant with BNM/MAS regulatory and security standards

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Our Ready-to-Use Mobile Insurance Solutions cover the entire spectrum of Agent touch-points. During the pandemic, our solutions have it made possible for Agents to perform uninterrupted branch equivalent services such as endorsement, claims, nomination and more. Insurers have witnessed improved Agent experience, year-on-year premium growth and high customer satisfaction with the adoption of our solutions.

Explore Our Full Suite of Agent and Customer Servicing Solutions

Our Mobile and Messaging Insurance Solutions are product of more than a decade of experience in Insurance digital transformation, it is perfected over the years and infused with latest technologies and A.I capabilities. Below are an non-exhaustive list of our products and solutions.

Mobile eEndorsement/PAD

Enable agents greater autonomy to update policy coverages on behalf of their customers. Premium increase and nomination on a mobile platform that gives agents the opportunity to improve their commission through higher premium adjustments.

Mobile e-Claims

Create a hassle-free claims process where agents and customers can conveniently file claims and track their status. Easy navigation of insurance privileges makes it easier for agents to do their jobs and gives customers the same access to their claims.

Mobile eCRM

Better control of leads generation and management for agents, leveraging a 360° view of leads and proven methodologies and processes to drive sales.

Live Agent and Chatbot Automation

Activate multi-channel customer service and tap into AI-powered automation to elevate your customer service capacity and offload the burden on your human agents.

Leads Generation Solution

Empower agents to generate high-potential leads through the delivery of relevant and targeted materials to audiences via custom mobile apps and messaging solutions.

Mobile Agent Recruitment

Attract and recruit a healthy pipeline of quality agents. Show income and career potentials in a mobile interface and enable e-form submissions. Building your agent network can be a lot more manageable.

Mobile Agent Onboarding

Standardise and improve customer service standards with accessible training for agents. Nurture rookie agents into high performers with systematic mobile agent onboarding featuring exam preparations and tips, complete with a guide to help your agents deliver better.

eLearning Platform

Equip life planners with the necessary learning tools so that they can improve their service quality and fulfil customer needs in a rewarding career.

Frequent Ask Questions

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Is your solution Custom-Built or Off-the-Shelf ?

Our solution is Off-the-Shelf that's are time-proven and time-tested in the market, it's also highly customisable to suite your business needs and infrastructure requirements.

How long does it take to implement your solution ?

On average it will take 3 months to deliver a Mobile Solution, while Messaging projects will typically take 2 months or less with our Ready-to-Use components.

Does your system meet Security Requirements stipulated by BNM or MAS ?

Our software development processes follow ISO27001 best practises while our solutions have all been validated by credible third party auditors and security consultants.